What is HOSA?


Nicole Mandziara

HOSA Advisor and Biology & Anatomy Teacher

Lutheran North

HOSA is short for Health Occupations Students of America, but the organization is now simply known as HOSA-Future Health Professionals, and the mission is to help students become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience. As a group, we’ve had an outstanding year, even winning a competition for completing the most activities in support of organ donation.

Our group meets twice a month and our meetings have included the following:

  • Guest Speakers (Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, & Veterinarians)

  • Health-Related Lessons/Activities

  • Prepared for Competitions

Members of our group have benefited from a number of opportunities this year, including:

  • MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine HOSA Visit Day

  • Regional, State, and National Competitions/Conferences

  • Scholarships

  • Volunteer Awards

  • Chapter and State Officer Positions (Officer Development Conference)

  • Med-Talk at Macomb Community College

  • Detroit Pistons/ Michigan HOSA Night - Little Caesars Area Education Event

HOSA provides students with knowledge and information about health-related careers in an atmosphere that is educational and rewarding.
— Nicole Mandziara, HOSA Advisor



Anu Thomas

Class of 2020

Lutheran North

How have you been more involved with the medical field and medical careers through HOSA?

Through HOSA at Lutheran North, I have been able to hear a variety of medical speakers, partake in fun activities, and learn many new things that allow my knowledge and love of medicine to grow.

One example is that through HOSA, I was introduced to MSU Future Docs, a medical camp run by MSU, that gave me a strong insight on the medical field and provided me with a background that I know will forever positively influence my future.

Another aspect of HOSA many people may not be familiar with is the competition. I competed in one of the 50+ events at the state and regional competitions for two years, and have even been blessed to come home with medals. During these competitions, I also was given the opportunity to meet and learn from many unique people who are all united by the desire to help others and better our world.

Is HOSA only for future doctors and health professionals?

While many people may think HOSA is only for those who want to become doctors, it’s actually for anyone who possesses a love of extending help to others. Without HOSA, I would have missed out on an array of amazing experiences and would not have been able to nurture my love of healthcare to where is it today.

Ever since I was younger, I knew pursuing the medical field would be a part of my future, but before HOSA there was not much opportunity for me to hear about it.
— Anu Thomas '20


Nicole Mandziara