Prom Week! Magistrate Jennifer Andary Visits


Prom week is always a great time. To help encourage students attending prom, before chapel a student explains why she or he will not be drinking or using drugs during this prom weekend. The goal is to encourage others to make safe, God-pleasing decisions. Example wants the entire student body and Lutheran North community to know that there are plenty of high school students attending prom drug and alcohol free. Not only can it be done, plenty of students are enjoying a drug/alcohol-free prom.

On Monday, Magistrate Jennifer Andary spoke to the student body and explained the legal consequences of drug and alcohol use. With her were three representatives from the Sherriff's office, including Lieutenant Kim Hill, a 2004 Lutheran North graduate. Magistrate Andary also explained the consequences of vaping and sexting. She emphasized the importance of making decisions that reveal respect for yourself and for others (to see some of the highlights, check out the video).

Before chapel on Monday, senior Kendall Carlin shared these words of encouragement with the student body: 

I have a rhetorical question for you all: who do you say that you are?

Now I have another question for you: do your actions align with who you say you are?
This prom season, I challenge you to have who you say you are align with your actions. If your actions don’t yet align, take the initiative to change them. In romans 12:2 it says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Kendall Carlin

Class of 2019

Know that it is okay to say no. you do not have to conform to what others want or are pressuring you to do.

During prom, before prom, after prom, whenever, know that who you say you are is more important than what others are trying to make you do.

Keep in mind these few things as you experience prom and the ending weeks of the school year. Who you say you are and what you do should always align. However, if you fail to do this, God’s mercy and grace will always be there for you.

Be safe this prom, and know you are not alone in saying no.

Before Tuesday's chapel, senior Lauren Mow shared this explanation with the student body.

Hi, my name is Lauren Mow and I have taken the PROMise not to drink or do drugs on prom night. So you may ask why? well it’s my senior prom and I want to be able to enjoy and remember every aspect of the night. I do not want to harm my family, friends, or myself because of a stupid decision. Alcohol and drugs are not needed to have a good time. I want to look back at my senior prom and remember having a good time with all my friends and most of all 2-stepping with Alexa Khacho and Arielle Cicchiti.


Lauren Mow

Class of 2019

So on prom when you are faced with the decision, just know you are not alone in saying no.

Another way Example encourages students to enjoy a drug/alcohol-free prom is to sign an Example PROMise and post them in the school's main hallway. We have all been blessed by Christ's righteousness and one way students can respond to that free gift of mercy is by enjoying a drug and alcohol free prom.