Partner with us to take advantage of up to $50,000 matching funds!


Over the past year at Lutheran North, we have undertaken the most expansive building project in Lutheran High School Association history! The main floor includes a large atrium area which allows students to connect, recharge, collaborate, and socialize in a university style setting. Ten state-of-the-art classrooms have been added over two floors. Finally, we renovated the current cafeteria space and extended it into the new build for a modern open environment.

Why build? For close to 50 years LHN has been a place where high school students not only receive an excellent education but are also prepared to make a Christian difference in what has become a “not-so-Christian” world. We must continue to offer great programs and facilities that allow us to strengthen a student’s faith, but also prepare them for the world around us, so that students can be used for God’s purpose; sharing the Gospel! 

As we finish the building project over the next few months, we have two requests. First and most importantly, keep LHN and LHSA in your prayers for continued successful ministry. Secondly, we would ask that you consider a donation as we work to equip our new building with relevant technology, furniture, and social spaces that will enable and encourage our students now and in the future. We received a challenge from a 1970’s LHN alum that will match up to $50,000 of whatever we can raise through gifts from all other LHN alums!

If you haven’t been to LHN in a while, please contact the office and plan a visit.  We’d love to arrange a tour for you!

Paul Looker LHSA Superintendent.jpg


Paul Looker, LHN ‘79
LHSA Superintendent

or mail your donation to:

1100 Bagley
Rochester Hills, MI 48308